Surge Protection /FAQ


What is a power surge in a house ?

High power can happen when electricity is interrupted then immediately re-established. This occurrence forces too much current through the electrical system. Power surges have the ability to knock out your delicate electronics, cause fires, and wreak havoc up and down the circuitry of your home or business. 

Could an Electrical Power Surge damage or cause a fire to my home?

Natural phenomena can cause serious damage to your appliances and home.  When there is a power surge, any devices that you have plugged into the sockets can be ruined. This increase in voltage also leads to an increase in heat, which has the potential of starting an electrical fire.  

What could cause power surge in a house?

Cut power lines, lightning, and blown fuses inside your home can also increase electrical voltage.  Problems in the electrical grid can lead to power surges or spikes, which can make electronics short circuits.  

What can be affected by a Surge?

 All electronic devices in your home, including computers, washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, and others are powered through electrical sockets, which provide consistent voltage to keep the appliances functioning. 

Are there different types of surge protection?

Yes, we can recommend installing individual devices for certain items or safeguarding of the entire home.  Once our services are complete, you can be sure that your appliances will be protected from damage by lightning or other causes of voltage surges and spikes. 

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