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Ezell Electric Emergency Electrical Services

 Here for You When the Lights Go Out

Most people take electricity in their homes and businesses for granted. As long as the lights switch on and the HVAC systems operate, you assume everything is working smoothly — until something goes wrong. Major electrical failures can happen suddenly and at the worst times. Ezell Electric understands what is on the line when your electricity malfunctions. For this reason, our electricians offer 24/7 emergency services performed by licensed, experienced Electricians.

We serve customers in Pinellas County. When your lights go out, call (727) 686-2327 for immediate help!

Do You Have an Emergency?

No one should handle an electrical problem on their own. Not only can this be immensely dangerous, but it rarely addresses the root cause of the problem. That is what sets our team apart. Ezell Electric understands how to identify the exact source of issues and propose solutions that work.

Common causes of electrical emergencies include:

  • Breaker and fuse Issues 
  • Complete power outage
  • Shorted Circuit 
  • Sparking Outlets
  • Wiring Issues

If you’re wondering if your situation is an emergency, just call!

If it affects how your home operates or causes your business to lose money, you should have an electrician look at it as soon as possible. A live person is always available to pick up the phone and provide proper guidance on your situation.

Don’t Wait — Our Electricians Can Help!

While there are many safety components set up within your electrical systems, any problem usually indicates a cause for concern. It is important to take immediate action the moment you notice an issue. The emergency electricians from Ezell Electric are dedicated to exceptional services and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide upfront pricing so that you know what to expect — even in emergency situations. When time is of the essence, hire a seasoned professional that can handle any job that comes their way.

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